Tanning & Waxing   

 Tanning & Waxing   

Here at Body2Soul, we specialise in providing a number of gorgeous beauty treatments for your body. 


If you are looking for a streakless tan, then Fake Bake is the tan for you! You can enjoy a year round tan, so rich, it can actually help hide stretch marks & varicose veins.  
Enjoy a Fake Bake spray tan applied by a salon professional. Natural looking glow, instant results that last for days, uses the finest botanical ingredients and has a unique and pleasant fragrance. 
A range of products are available for purchase through ordering via the salon. 
Fake Bake Spray Tan (only) 
30 minutes - £25 
Spray Tan + Body Scrub 
45 minutes - £35 
Party of 3 Spray Tans - £65 
Fake Bake Bronzing Treatment (including body scrub) 
Full Body (1 hour) - £40 
Half Body (30 minutes) - £30 

Waxing Treatments 

Full Leg Wax (30 minutes) - £24 
Full Leg & Bikini Line Wax (45 minutes) - £28 
Full Leg & High Bikini Wax (45 minutes) - £32 
¾ Leg Wax (30 minutes) - £20 
½ Leg Wax (lower or upper half - 30 minutes) - £16 
Lip & Chin Wax (15 minutes) - £11 
Lip or Chin Wax (15 minutes) - £8 
Full Face exc Brows (30 mins - £18 
Full Face inc Brows (30 mins) £25 
Underarm Wax (15 minutes) - £10 
Forearm Wax (30 minutes) - £15 
Bikini Line Wax (15 minutes) - £10 
High Bikini Line Wax (15 minutes) - £12 
Specialist Waxing 
Brazilian Wax (30 minutes) - £27 
Hollywood/Playboy Wax (30 minutes) - £30 
& for the man in your life... 
Male Grooming 
Back Wax (30 minutes) - £22 
Chest Wax (30 minutes) - £22 
Prefer threading? Go to our 'Eyelashes and Eyebrows' section which is located in our treatment nu at the top of this page 


We have a fast tanning sunbed available to book. With both blue and pink bulbs, it comes with many benefits: 
- Great for building up a pre-holiday base tan to prevent burning 
- Perfect for keeping your holiday tan topped up 
- Gives you a boost of serotonin and vitamin D to help improve your mood, especially in the colder months we have 
- Pink bulbs help with the increase of collagen production which in turn reduce signs of ageing and reduce visibility of fine lines or cellulite 
- Pink bulbs also improve the tanning process from within, therefore giving you a more natural glow 
- Great for treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne 
Due to risen energy costs we have had no choice but to make slight adjustments to our prices. Please see below 
Single Sessions 
3 mins - £3.50 
6 mins - £5.50 
9 mins - £8.50 
12 mins - £10.50 
30 mins - £28 
60 mins (+6mins free) - £45 
90 mins (+9mins free) - £60 
120 mins (+12mins free) - £75 
180 mins (+18mins free) - £90 
We also stock a range of tanning enhancing creams in sachets starting from £1.80 or bottles for £11.50 
You can now book single Sunbed sessions online via fresha.com 
Search for Body2Soul and our profile will pop up 
For more info on sunbed courses, contact us via phone or email 
Please note: Waxing and threading needs to be done at least 24 hours prior to any tanning treatment. 
If you would like to discuss any of the above, please pop in to see us or email us to make an appointment.  
We would be happy to help! 
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